Been born in 1971.

Had a rough magical childhood and rough turmoiled youth.
Smoked my first splif in 1988, so i looked for a creative expression for my experiences of my youth and started to learn the guitar.
After my first educations i visited the Americas. While i was in Mexico, i went to Huautla de Jimenez and was led to a Holy-Mushroom curandera.
After a Velada with the curandera, where i saw the devil, i asked her about this demon. She answered me that she don’t know, and that i am a curandero too, because she saw three Angelitos, each on my shoulder and on my head, and so i had to figure it out myself. So i got interested in the healing arts, but still was drawn to music, wich made me been torn between these two arts.
Later i learned that it was not THE devil, but a person/spirit that turned away from the light/god and became darkened, and that it could happen to anyone.
Tripping through central america, i went to the solstice festivities in Chiapas.
During my stay in Chichen-Itza, i had my first healer experience, where i channeled energy into the root chakra of a japanese woman on the pyramids.
Then i went to Palenque, where i took some Holy Mushrooms, hiked to the Pyramids, was led to encounter god, and after making big mistakes from Carlos Castanedas books during wich i fell on my head and injured it, went on my first “psychotic freedom ride”.
Sometimes later, after i returned to Germany and rearranged myself, i asked the Universe and God, after a long ride through heavens and hells, fantastic sights and unbelievable abysses , for advice and got the name slowtemple for a music project.
While listening to the song “Starlight” by Lou Reed and John Cale from the album “Songs For Drella”, i played with the words and put the first letters from the chorus line, (s)tar (l)ight  (o)pen  w ide, together to the word slow, asked for an extension to that name and got the answer temple.
So i found my project name “slowtemple”.
Now, the time has come to publish my music, and i hope you like it, because it somehow express the feelings i have from and towards the world.
The music was solely fantasized, in order to elevate the listener!

I also started this blog, to put my flowing ideas, philosophies, thoughts and visions into words, in order to not go crazier, maybe somehow give ideas to others and discuss said ideas!

Greetings in the name of Jah Rastafari (or whatever you like to call her/him/it), everliving, ever clear, ever sure, ever peaceful, all loving, all merciful!

Robert Smrdelj (Star Child)


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Proof and System

If you want to (scientifically) prove something, you just can do it in the borders of a predefined system. If the case/fact can not be contained in your predefined system you have to either expand the (definitions of the) system or create a newly predfined system, to integrate the case/fact into it, in order to get a (scientifically) valid proof!

(My teacher)

Relativity, travel in time, in space, to other planes of reality and locality in the all-and-all

If everythings relative, could natutal laws and natural physics constants also be relative and therefore prone to alteration, and let’s say we invented a machine (something like the Heart of gold of Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”, which let’s the universe revolve around the ship to travel far distances quickly) that could alter natural laws and constants so we could because of the interconnectedness principle beam to other times, realities and localities in the all-and-all.

Holographic Universe, self-similarity and the Multiverse

If the self-imaging principle of this holographic universe and out of a self-similarity of parallel universes (many worlds theory) can be applied to the spirit/god (out of the observer [observer defines a quantum state] theory at quantum inflation) plane, then maybe multiverses ar only self-similar to each other because the fecundity philosophy principle (everything possible wants to exist) lets other universes be different to ours and not everything can exist in this universe and needs different environments (physics?), so other realities/universes, and with the eternety/infinity theory also maybe let’s impossible multiverses exist. (while dreaming i visited another multiverse that was a little different, they had schools but tought different physics and there were growing massive amounts of mushrooms on the lawns)

Quantum interconectedness, Holographic Universe Paradigm and Spirit/God

If out of quantum interconnectedness (quantum entanglement) and out of it following holographic universe paradigm (everything self reflects/images) and the possible observer at quantum inflation creation (which couldn’t be of quanta[energy] [but maybe some abstract form of supernatural consciousness] because it observed the first quant at inflationof a quantum inflation at creation), could we see the holographic principle as a fundamental law of the all-and-all, that can also be applied to abstract supernatural consciousness (out of an observer theory and the quantum interconnectedness theory) , so that an abstract supernatural form (maybe not made out of energy [observer theory]) of consciousness (spirit/god) imaged (supernaturally) the abstract spirit information onto the quantum inflating universe?

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