Been born in 1971.

Had a magic chilhood and rough youth.
Smoked my first spliff in 1988, looked for a creative expression for my experiences of my youth and started to learn the guitar.
After my first educations i visited the americas, while i was in Mexico, i went to Huautla de Jimenez and was led to a Holy Mushroom curandera.
After a Velada, where i saw the devil, i asked her about this demon, and she answered me that she don’t know, and that i am a curandero too, because she saw three Angelitos, each on my shoulder and on my head, and so i had to figure it out myself.
Tripping through central america, i went to the solstice festivities in Chiapas. I went to Palenque, where i took some Holy Mushrooms, hiked to the Pyramids, was led to encounter god, and after making big mistakes from Carlos Castanedas books, i went on my first “psychotic freedom ride”.
Sometimes later, after i returned to Germany and rearrenged myself, i asked the Universe and God, after a long ride through heavens and hells, fantastic sights and unbelievable abysses , for advice and got the name slowtemple for a music project.
While listening to the song “Starlight Open Wide” by Lou Reed and John Cale from the album “Songs For Drella”, i played with the words and put the first letters from the song title, (s) tar (l) ight  (o) pen  w ide, together to the word slow, asked for an extension to that name and got the answer temple.
So i found my project name “slowtemple”.
Now, the time has come to publish my music, and i hope you like it, because it somehow express the feelings i have from and towards the world.
The music was solely fantasized, in order to elevate the listener!

I also started this blog, to put my flowing ideas, philosophies, thoughts and visions into words, in order to not go crazier, maybe somehow give ideas to others and discuss said ideas!

Greetings in the name of Jah Rastafari (or whatever you like to call her/him/it), everliving, ever clear, ever sure, ever peaceful, all loving, all merciful!

Robert Smrdelj (Omnicolour Child)


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